For the past 18 years, Martin Krikorian has been helping people get the most out of their investments. As the head of Capital Wealth Management in Chelmsford, Mass., he works with large and small investors, creating sound financial strategies for maximizing their assets and reaching their retirement goals.

One of Martin’s keys to success is his straightforward, honest approach. He always strives to make decisions based on the best course of action for his clients, making sure that they understand all their options and the implications of each one.

Registered investment advisor

Martin is a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA). As an RIA, he is required – by law – to pursue the best options for his clients and cannot accept commissions for selling any type of investment product. His fees are calculated as a percentage of assets under management or on an hourly basis.

Financial advisors who are commission-based or fee-based (not RIAs) are allowed to make money from their clients through commissions paid by brokerage firms, mutual-fund companies and insurance firms. For these advisors, a conflict of interest can arise because their earnings depend on what products they sell – rather than selecting the best investments for their clients.

Educating the public

Martin has written two books that provide basic information that is essential for the average investor. Since 2001, he has also written weekly financial columns for the Lowell Sun and Chelmsford Independent.

In addition, he has presented hundreds of investment seminars, workshops, and talks to audiences of all investment levels.


Martin is the founder, owner and manager of Capital Weatlh Management. Martin previously worked as a financial consultant for Hanscom Federal Credit Union;
Putname Investments, Scudder Stevens and Clark; and Mercury Wealth Management.

Martin lives in Groton, Mass., with his wife Hellen, son Matthew, and two dogs, Buddy and Buster.

Martin Krikorian
President, Capital Wealth Management

Phone: (978) 244-9254


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